January: Appraisal Scores Going Up

January: Happy New Year 2021
February: Our Heifers Are Blooming
March: It's All In A Days Work
April: Say Cheese: Highlighting Honor Roll Records
May Hit a Grand Slam
June: Pick this Plum
July: Our Honey Family Sweetens the Pot
August: Cheese Makers: Two Hall of Fame Record Producers
September: We Have Our Own PPP System
October: Follow Her to the End of the Rainbow
November: Thankful for these top 500 GJPI heifers
December: Thank you to all who purchased our genetics

January: Cream of the Crop
February: Becoming a Classic (Dashiell)
March: Sweet Honey (Honey Family)
April: Jersey Milk Products for Optimal Health Benefits
May: Dashiell Daugters Standing Out Coast to Coast
June: Sweet Honey (Honey Family)
July: Appraisal Highlights
August: The Summer is Hot, Fawn is Even Hotter
September: Our Leta Family
October: Hit the Jackpot
November: The Herd just got a Little Sweeter
December: The Maltese Falcon

January: His Daughters will be as Classic as the Author He's Named After
February: Elite Opportunities
March: Swooning Over Our Syria Family
April: Milk What Makes You Happy
May: Genomics and Production
June: Our Dedes Our Rock Solid
July: Rising Scores
August: Our Sunshine Family Continues to Shine
September: Star Power
October: Why We Love Jerseys
November: Look for Them in Louisville
December: The Stars of Our Recent Appraisal

January: Dede Sons Heading into AI
February: The Plums are Ripe for Picking
March: Production Driven
April Our Leta Family

January: Elite Genomics
February: The Future Looks Bright with these Bull Mothers
March: Production Go-Getters
April: We've Got Good Virtue
May: Even on a Cloudy Day We've Got Sunshine
June: Bright Future Ahead for these Young Cows
July: Paul Daughters are Turning Heads
August: Dede Spells Profit
September: Our Sincerest Congratulations
October: Fall for these in Louisville
 Thankful for these Profitable Purchases
December: Up and Coming Stars in Our IVF Program

January: Our Team is Strong
February: Great Investments
March: Our Top Young Guns
April: We Like Cows that Last
May: Doing Well on Their Second Lactation
June: Top Genomics Offered this Summer on the West Coast
July: Appraisal Scores are Going Up, Up, Up
August: Good Udders are Vital
September: Delightful Cows We are Pleased to be Working With
October: Bid Last to Add these Assets to Your Herd
November: Tried and True: A Few of Our Top Cow Families
December: Season's Greetings

Embryos Available from Fastforward Genetics
February: The Matriarch of the Breed's Most Popular Genomic Family (Violet)
March: Our 2014 Lactation Average
April: High Protein Genomic Heifers
May: The Matriarch of the Breeds Most Popular Genomic Family (Violet)
June: She's Backed by Top Components
July: A Leady Cow Family with Top Genomics
August: Great Cow Contest Finalist (Violet)
September: Leading Genomics
October: Offering a Good Foundation (Pot O'Gold Consignment)
November: Great Genetics from Our Blitzen Family
Expressing Her Value in the Jersey Population (Violet)