Thank you

We won the Top Milk Quality Award from Hilmar Cheese for 2017 and want to give a shout-out to our very special employees who make it possible for us to produce milk of such high quality.

Proud of our Gals

Avi-lanche Jerseys and D&E Jerseys ranks among the top herds in the country for production. We rank fourth for fat and fifth for milk and protein (herds with 750 or more cows) with a 2017 lactation average of 23,404M, 1133F and 856P on 2086 cows.

Kudos to Andy

Congratulations Andy McReynolds of Danville, VT, for winning the 2017 Pot O'Gold Production Contest with Avi-Lanche Dazz Buttermilk 12564. She also placed fourth in Division I of the 2016 National Jersey Youth Production Contest. Andy purchased Buttermilk from Avi-Lanche Jerseys at the Pot O'Gold Sale in 2014.

Avi-Lanche Jerseys and D&E Jerseys

The Registered Jersey dairy herd is owned by the Donald S. Sherman Family and Richard and Jennifer Avila and their daughters, Sidney and Caitlin.

The herd was established by Jennifer's father, the late Donnie Sherman, in Hilmar, CA, in 1960. The herd was moved to Dalhart, TX, in 2007 to supply milk for the Hilmar Cheese Company, which expanded operations to Dalhart.

Today, the combined Avi-Lanche Jerseys (established by the Avilas) and D&E Jerseys herd is 2,000 milking cows and 2,000 replacement heifers. Click here to learn more about the dairy.